Hist of Holocaust Nov 10

Hist of Holocaust Nov 10 - Nov. 10 Topics for today:-...

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Unformatted text preview: Nov. 10 Topics for today:- Camps: What were they/ who was there/ what happened there? How can we know what went on there? What different kinds of camps where there? The Nazis created the whole concentration camp system- In first 3 years, 15 camps. But by the end of WWII, thousands of camps and sub- camps all over Europe- This created a system of camps- There were concentration camps, work camps, and death camps; all part of this system- Because Jews were taken to a work camp rather than immediately murdered, there was a minimal chance of survival- There were many Europeans in this camps when the Nazis occupied their countries; thousands of non-Jewish people died The Germans did not invent them- In US there were detention camps for Japanese Americans- While the conditions were much better in these camps than in Holocaust, the idea was the same; people who are considered to be potential subversives are isolated British Concentration Camp, Boer War (South Africa), 1900-02- People have done research into what is the first concentration camp, open debate to where it is people have decided that this British Concentration camp is a good guess- Set them up in South Africa during the conflict in South Africa during Boer War- South Africa was a British colony but it also had settlers there who spoke Dutch and African languages; contained mainly coastal regions because it was important for trading things like diamonds- British tried to take more control over South Africa as a whole so they moved into the interior; came into contact with these settlers, a war erupted- The war lasted a lot longer and was a lot tougher than British had expected; used lots of resources, hard to fight- British became frustrated with this, so these refugee camps became something else over time (started out as places that refugees could flee and be safe)...
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Hist of Holocaust Nov 10 - Nov. 10 Topics for today:-...

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