Hist of Holocaust Nov 22

Hist of Holocaust Nov 22 - Nov 22 Because of...

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Nov. 22 - Because of terror/atmosphere the Germans created in the camps, they become dehumanized - People needed normal social interaction; ability to form alliances/friendships; this helps preserve humanity First Video: - Man (Richard Glazar?) from Czechoslovakia, first time in Treblinka, is hurled off of the train and was forced to undress - Then there is the selection process where Nazi functionaries choose which people will be workers and which would be sent to their deaths - There is an area in the camp in which all the possessions the people brought on the trains are piled up into a big heap o He is sent to this area, workers are assigned the task of piling these things up so the Germans can go through it later - People thought the Nazi’s stripped away civilized behavior o Their evidence come from what the survivors talked about; the ways in which prisoners fought each other over food, get out of work at the expense that someone else has to do it, tried to get out of selections and have other people go in their place; survive in any way they could, set against each other o Behind all of this is this sheer, arbitrary violence; “not a time to ask questions” o Have a sense that this camp was a world set apart from the rest of reality In this alternate reality, the guards could do things in
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Hist of Holocaust Nov 22 - Nov 22 Because of...

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