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hist of holocaust nov 28

hist of holocaust nov 28 - -In 1945 1946 1947 Figuring out...

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Nov. 28 th Chil Rojcman - The only people kept alive were people like Chil Rojcman who were put to work for the killing process at the camps - Escape from Treblinka and fled to Warsaw; hid in Poland until the end of the war - Wrote his memoir while war was still going on, before the Soviets pushed Germans out of Poland - Tone: psychological impact - Tries to be objective, just give you the detail - When reading, it’s just history/facts; when look at interviews, see emotion by looking at demeanor of victims - Many people were sent to Aushwitz to do work; there was a possibility of surviving if you were sent to this camp - This camp = pure death camp - Changing nature of our understanding today of what we now call the Holocaust In the middle of all of the suffering that people went through in WWII - How did the Holocaust become known as the Holocaust?
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Unformatted text preview: -In 1945, 1946, 1947 Figuring out where someone was from and how to get them back there was time consuming Lots of scandals initially about the conditions of these camps Eleanor Roosevelt visited a DP camp in Germany 1. Many people were split from their families and don’t know who might still be alive; which members are still alive? a. Tremendously difficult to answer that question because the whole place is in chaos 2. If the goal of international law is to repatriate people who are displaced back into their homes, what does that actually mean for Jewish survivors? When they go back and try to get their property, they find they cannot get it back and nobody is helping them get it back In many places, there is a wave of anti-Semitism Psychological impact was power...
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