holocaust nov 3 - November 3, 2011. Taking Up Arms: The...

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November 3, 2011. Taking Up Arms: The Partisans of Vilna Resistance by Jews in the ghetto 1. Excerpt from the newsletter, “Call to Arms” is an underground newspaper in the Warsaw Ghetto, March 28, 1942. “… We know that Hitler’s system of murder, slaughter, and robbery leads steadily to a dead end at the destruction of the Jews…. We also know that the march of Hitler’s troops has been halted by the heroic Red Army and that the Spring Offensive will see the beginning of the far-reaching destruction of the Nazis in Europe… There must therefore be a start to the recruiting of all creative forces among the Jews… For generation upon generation, passivity and lack of faith in our own strength had pressed upon us; but our history also shows beautiful pages glowing with heroism and struggle. It is our duty to join this period of heroism.” a. There were people in the ghetto who wanted to see a stronger, more aggressive form of resistance than what the Jewish Council was doing. 2. The practical difficulties of staging any type of armed resistance in the Jewish ghettos a. You would need physically fit and trained people a.i. But there was widespread disease and hunger in the ghettos so people would not be at the peak of their health a.ii. And the question of training people- these people may not have any type of military experience so its difficult a.ii.1. The populations can easily be taken away by the Nazi’s to execute and send them to work. So, you could train a population but if they are physically fit, the Nazi’s would also have their eyes on them to taken them in to work a.ii.2. In Poland, we found that although Jewish men were given freedom to be in the army, they didn’t really serve as officers. a.ii.3. Weapons- there obviously would not be many weapons in the ghettos, even on the Germans themselves. It’s difficult to smuggle in weapons, even revolver or gun is done one by one to be really careful a.ii.4. Jan. 1943- there are maybe 10 pistols in all of the Warsaw ghetto. a.ii.5. If it fail before it even starts, a lot of people will die b. What kind of people wanted an armed resistance? b.i.
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holocaust nov 3 - November 3, 2011. Taking Up Arms: The...

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