Holocaust Oct 6th

Holocaust Oct 6th - Oct. 6th Topics:- You do not get...

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Unformatted text preview: Oct. 6th Topics:- You do not get genocide without war;- Ideology and war; what are the ideas/ fundamental foundation in which people think about war tactics- Ideas they were being exposed to in the army such as race and enemies- War they fought in the east was very different from war in western Europe- What led Germany to declare war in September of 1939 Sept. 1939, Germany invaded Poland- dared England, France to do something to stop him o they realized that if they caved in here it would continue, so invasion of Poland became start of war o in 1939, Poland was defeated in very short war then there was an agreement made between Germany and Soviet Union that lasted two years: treaty of non-aggression Soviet and Germany would not go to war together, and would divide up land For two years, (1939-1941), Germany takes 2/3 of Poland and claims it to be Germany. The rest of Poland is under Soviet rule, and Ukraine, other surrounding countries are under Soviet policy o General Government in lower part of Poland- administrative area, where most radical policies against Jews are developed Most of the ghettos in Poland are set up there Most of death camps set up there, see radical policies develop- Between 1939 and 1941, truce between Soviet Union and Germany but everyone knew there would eventually be a war between the two of them o Because Hitler hated Bolshevism and Communism, and considered Soviet Union to be the ground zero; super power that was head of governments he despises o Russians, Ukrainians, Polish Slavs (racial term) o They represented everything Germany didnt like- War that Germans wanted to fight in Eastern Europe wasnt conventional; they wanted annihilation German fantasies about Eastern Europe- within German national thinking, East always had a special role- area that was not quite settled in which everyone living in US thought there was limited possibility- main thing to know is theres a Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights- holy order...
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Holocaust Oct 6th - Oct. 6th Topics:- You do not get...

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