Holocaust Oct 20

Holocaust Oct 20 - Oct. 20th -Bulgaria became ally of Nazi...

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Oct. 20 th -Bulgaria became ally of Nazi Germany during war, got additional territory; anyone on German’s side got goodies - Bulgarian government made huge distinction between Jews who lived in old Bulgaria and Jews who lived in these territories in 1921 (lower annexed from Yugoslavia) and 1940 (upper annexed from Romania) - effort involving politicians in all major parties, Bulgarian Orthodox church, prominent writers- signed petition to protest the action - Bulgarian Orthodox church didn’t make distinctions, like wanting to save people who were baptized, wanted to save all Jews - Bulgarian government/ culture leaders resisted Nazi efforts to deport Jews; not occupied by massive German forces, don’t have the manpower to spare to occupy the country and do to the Bulgarian Jews what they wanted to; Bulgaria made a courageous statement but was also very lucky - Pope Pius XII interested in defending Church’s position; very anti- Communist, also very concerned about ways in which Nazi government were placing restrictions in ways that Church could operate; could he have done something more or done something different? - Michael Fayer wrote book about the Vatican and the Holocaust, writes about the Catholic Church in immediate aftermath of the Holocaust; what did Pius XII do as Pope, could he have done or said something more and would it have made a difference - Roman Catholic Church/ Vatican had lots of information about what was going on across Europe; many countries have German Catholic populations so there were a lot of networks - by 1943, the basic facts and indeed a pretty detailed picture was starting to be known to the officials in the Vatican - after the mass killings started on the Eastern front, might say the biggest wave of killing already happened by 1943 by Nazi regime; still large communities of Jews alive - year in which a lot of things went about - Vatican did not publicize this information widely, shared it with church officials - strongest statement pope made: “ Mankind owes that vow to numberless exiles whom the hurricane of war has torn from their native land an scattered in the land of the stranger; who can make their own lament of the Prophet: ‘Our inheritance is turned to aliens; our house to strangers.’ Mankind owes that vow to the hundreds of thousands of persons who, without any
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Holocaust Oct 20 - Oct. 20th -Bulgaria became ally of Nazi...

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