Holocaust Sept 15

Holocaust Sept 15 - 9/15 Nazi party would get 40% of votes;...

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9/15 Nazi party would get 40% of votes; Nazi regime was very good about doing a lot of polling and public opinion analysis, wanted to know what messages would play well and how to speak to people. - were groups where the Jewish question was not important (quality of schools, future of children, will there be jobs, will morality be accepted in modern culture); but not every German felt the same way about it as Hitler did the year 1933- when Nazi regime came to power - the Nazi party was not voted into power - if you have a situation where one party gets 20% of a vote, they have to go into partnership with another party so they can get from 20 to 50 - a coalition of parties invited the Nazi party in for the first time - what made it attractive for political elite of Germany; was a tremendously horrible economic depression in Germany - became a more stable economic system, went south at 1929 and then Germany suffered from unemployment - in a situation where you have to come up with a coalition, economic troubles make it that much more difficult for parties to agree on something - system seemed broken; not up to task to deal with tremendous problems - Nazi party was not just the party that would lower taxes or do something about school; went beyond individual proposals. Presented themselves as anti-system party, more radical movement needed. -fear that if the system was broken, another radical party was going to rise - most middle class voters (when worried about anti-democratic party coming to power) worried about communist party. - communist party got a lot of votes at this time; a party that says “well it’s capitalism that’s the problem” will seem very attractive. Voters who were originally voting for more moderate parties decided it was too wishy- washy and wanted to vote for something more aggressive. - communist party opposed the idea of private property, the state would seize that from
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Holocaust Sept 15 - 9/15 Nazi party would get 40% of votes;...

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