Holocaust Sept 26

Holocaust Sept 26 - REVIEW: Why did German Jews stay in...

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Unformatted text preview: REVIEW: Why did German Jews stay in Nazi Germany after 1933?- where else do you go? o What country lets you in? o Countries had quotas; if they exceeded that number, that was it- Bureaucracy involve, fees involved visa o many Germans made it hard to leave Germany- cost a lot of money- roots in Germany o things had not always been bad- incremental process o we talked about all the laws that were passed; this is bad but maybe this is as bad as it gets- people didnt want to leave their businesses o customers are all in Germany; all of the sudden if you get to another place, you have nothing- had pride; if Nazis wanted them to leave, they shouldnt o the country was theirs just as much as anybody elses o feeling German - families o more reluctant to five up on the life they fulfilled than members of the family who werent necessarily running it o some of these things might affect wives and mothers more than husbands and fathers o if you had a visa for yourself, wife, and kids but not your parents; do you want to leave your family behind or not- Nazi policy is lets get Jews out of Germany, but at the same time theyre making it difficult for Jews to leave o Used every opportunity to take money and give it to real Germans for their own self improvement o Not enough to just get them out; wanted to have economic justice; they made this money illegitimately off of Aryans so dont the Aryans deserve to get their money back before Jews leave- Jews know a lot of people in Germany; you got along with your neighbors before 1933, so are they really going to do that to you when push comes to shove- There are certain forms of Jewish religious life in Germany that are difficult to find elsewhere Topic: Why was it important in 1938 when Austria was brought into Germany?...
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Holocaust Sept 26 - REVIEW: Why did German Jews stay in...

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