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ACCT IS 301/701 Financial Reporting I Fall 2011 Professor Ann O’Brien (updated 09/07/11) Class Time and Location: Lecture 5 – T/R 4:00 – 5:30; 2120 Grainger Course Web Site: courses.bus.wisc.edu Contact Information: [email protected] , 608.219.9280, 4273 Grainger Office Hours: T/R 12:20-12:50, 2:30-3:30, and by appointment Prerequisite – Financial Reporting I (ACC IS 100) Required Course Materials Course Packet A course packet that includes lecture outlines, power point slides, practice problems and other class materials should be purchased from the Copy Center on the first floor of Grainger Hall. Textbook The textbook for the course is: Intermediate Accounting , 14th Edition, by Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield. 2012. You will be required to complete and submit the assigned homework on-line through the WileyPLUS system, an online teaching aid linked to the textbook. In order to receive grades for the assigned homework you will need access to WileyPLUS. If purchase a NEW textbook at the University Bookstore or the Underground Textbook Exchange, the required WileyPLUS access code is automatically included. The price of this option is approximately $225. Be careful if you purchase the textbook elsewhere. (The bookstores above have a special arrangement to “bundle” WileyPLUS with the textbook.) The access code is typically not included and if you purchase the textbook without the access code, you would need to make another purchase to get the access code. If you purchase the text without the WileyPLUS access code you can purchase the WileyPLUS access code at: http://www.wiley.com/college/buywileyplus . Once at this page, you need to click on “Registration Code for WileyPLUS”, and then click on the appropriate links. Select your state and school name. Then click “Continue”. The price of the WileyPLUS access code is approximately $95. Your access to WileyPLUS will be available to you for as long as it takes to complete the 2-semester AIS 301/302 sequence. For most this sequence will be in consecutive semesters but it doesn’t have to be – your registration is valid until you complete AIS 302. WileyPLUS Log-in You must register and log in to WileyPLUS with your access code. Make sure to register using the URL number that corresponds to the lecture that you are registered in. The course and section URL for Prof. O’Brien’s 301 section is: Lecture 5: http://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/class/cls236341 You will be able to access WileyPLUS via the above link without your purchased access code for a limited time only – do not throw that code away – you will need to provide it later as proof of purchase for continued WileyPLUS access.
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Useful links WileyPLUS home page at: https://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/secure/index.uni includes a tutorial under the WileyPLUS Quick Start tab . This would be helpful for you to review. Wiley Tech Support:
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301_Syllabus_-_AOB_Fall_2011-2 - ACCT IS 301/701 Financial...

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