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Statement of the Problem Especially during the recent economic downturn, the number of reported Ponzi Schemes has drastically increased. This form of fraud can vary in scale, from small fraudulent schemes with few investors to major operations that somehow go undetected. In many cases people have invested their whole life savings into these funds. Some individuals reportedly lost millions in Ponzi Schemes that have recently come to light. The concern is that so many of these cases have gone unnoticed for years with devastating results. It is the SEC’s responsibility to reconsider its regulations of such practices. Focus The project will examine the effectiveness of current SEC regulations of investing agencies.
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Unformatted text preview: It will evaluate the ability of the agency to implement new policies and determine which would be the most beneficial. Investigation will focus on the attitudes investors hold in regards to controls of fraudulent behavior. It is important that the SEC understand that investors will lose trust in the financial market if these issues are not addressed. Scope We will investigate instances of Ponzi Schemes that have occurred in the United States and the regulations of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Foreign investment schemes will be excluded from our research. Limitations Our ability to gather research will be limited by our time...
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