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pro com persausion - April 28, 2011 Dean Joan Schmidt 4333...

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Brittany Drengler 502 N. Frances St #925 Madison, WI 53703 April 28, 2011 Dean Joan Schmidt 4333 Grainger 975 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706 Dear Ms. Schmidt: I am a current undergrad student at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. This morning I was reading the newspaper when I came across an article discussing the recent donation of $5 million dollars to the UW School of Business by successful alum. In the article I read that the School of Business’s Executive Committee is free to use the money as they see fit and is considering using it to increase faculty salaries. While I understand the desire to keep faculty salaries competitive in order to retain talent at our university, I hope the committee will also consider other options. During my undergraduate career, one of the greatest experiences I have had was the semester I spent studying abroad in Spain. I would recommend that every student also spend a semester abroad sometime before they graduate, but acknowledge that the cost of doing it may hinder some people’s abilities. Setting up a scholarship program for excelling business students would encourage more participation in the business’s school excellent selection of study abroad programs. If the Executive Committee were to set up such a scholarship fund, the $5 million donation could really go a long way in supporting students with ambitions of spending time learning at a foreign university. The money could provide one thousand $5,000 scholarships to business students. With one thousand scholarships, the School of Business would be able to award one hundred students scholarships for ten consecutive years. Five thousand dollars would go a long way in covering the additional expenses required for a study abroad program. For
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pro com persausion - April 28, 2011 Dean Joan Schmidt 4333...

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