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To: CEO X Company From: Brittany Drengler Subject: Incorporation of Technology in the Workplace The use of technology is a necessity in today’s business world. More and more companies are implementing technology to improve efficiency and increase profits. In order to remain competitive we too must get on board with the technology movement. While I understand the possible negative implications of excessive use of technology in the office, I will discuss a few ways that using technology can really benefit us. First of all, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Billions of people use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to connect with others. By creating accounts on these sites we can give updates about new initiatives or products that the company is coming out with. Due to the high traffic to social media more people will see these forms of advertising than traditional advertisements on television, radio and newspaper. The best part is that it is completely free to open an account and users are able to spread the information to an even larger network by re- posting our posts on their homepage or commenting on the things we post. While it may sound confusing to create one of these accounts for someone who doesn’t have prior experience, it really does not take a lot of work. I am able to work with you and the marketing team to get things set up and I guarantee everyone will get the hang of it in no time. Second, the use of portable electronic devices can allow our employees to be more efficient by getting work done even when they are not in the office. I think that all employees should have access to a laptop or tablet when they are traveling or if they need to finish work at home. With new technology, tablets, such as the iPad, can connect to the company’s network and allow employees to access all of their documents and emails when they are away from their desk computer. More places are becoming equipped with wireless internet so we can get things done virtually anywhere. This would be excellent for people traveling because they can look over information or presentations on the airplane while on the way to meet with a client. They would also be able to get emails without delay in case there is any important message. These are just a couple of ideas that I think would have a positive impact on our corporation. Of course you are still probably considering the downside of technology use. It is true that there are legitimate concerns to relying on technology, but I strongly believe that the benefits outweigh the consequences. In order to control the negatives, such as employees using the internet for personal use or not communicating enough in person, we can set up regulations. These could include monitoring use of websites that are not work-related and encouraging people to pick up the phone or set-up meetings and use emails only when it is necessary. If used appropriately, these forms of technology can increase our sales and efficiency.
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pro com final - To: CEO X Company From: Brittany Drengler...

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