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Unformatted text preview: Biol 2107 Reading Guide: Chapter 14 1. Explain how Mendel’s particulate mechanism differed from the blending theory of inheritance. 2. Define the following terms: true breeding, hybridization, monohybrid cross, P generation, F 1 generation, F 2 generation. 3. List and explain the four components of Mendel’s hypothesis that led him to deduce the law of segregation. 4. Use a Punnett square to predict the results of a monohybrid cross, stating the phenotypic and genotypic ratios of the F 2 generation. 5. Distinguish between the following pairs of terms: dominant and recessive; heterozygous and homozygous; genotype and phenotype. 6. Explain how a testcross can be used to determine if an individual with the dominant phenotype is homozygous or heterozygous. 7. Use a Punnett square to predict the results of a dihybrid cross and state the phenotypic and...
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