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Chapter%208%20Outline - TheEnergyofLife Metabolism...

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An Introduction to Metabolism The Energy of Life Metabolism Is the totality of an organism’s chemical reactions Arises from interactions between molecules Subject to the laws of thermodynamics Metabolic Pathways A metabolic pathway has many steps Begins with a specific molecule  Ends with a specific product Catalized by a specific enzyme Page 142 Catabolic and Anabolic pathways Catabolic pathways Break down complex molecules Release energy  Anabolic pathways Build complicated molecules Consume energy Energy review Energy Kinetic energy Thermal energy/heat Potential energy Chemical energy The Laws of Energy Transformation Thermodynamics  First law of thermodynamics Energy can be transformed and transferred, but it cannot be created or  destroyed.   First law of thermodynamics Fig 8.2 Fig 8.3
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The Laws of Energy Transformation Thermodynamics  Second law of thermodynamics
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Chapter%208%20Outline - TheEnergyofLife Metabolism...

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