Chapter%2011%20Outline - CELLCOMMUNICATION Yeastcells...

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CELL COMMUNICATION Cell-to-cell communication multicellular organisms Universal mechanisms of cellular regulation Yeast cells Figure 11.2 Signal transduction pathways Convert signals into cellular responses Similar in microbes and mammals Local and Long-Distance Signaling Cells in a multicellular organism Use chemical messengers Animal and plant cells cell junctions  Figure 11.4 In local signaling, animal cells Direct contact Animal cells local regulators Figure 11.5 A B Both plants and animals Use hormones in long-distance signaling Figure 11.5 C The Three Stages of Cell Signaling Figure 11.6 Reception In Reception A signal molecule binds to a receptor protein The binding between signal molecule (ligand) Causes a conformational change in a receptor
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Intracellular Receptors Cytoplasmic or nuclear proteins Signal molecules 
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Chapter%2011%20Outline - CELLCOMMUNICATION Yeastcells...

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