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Chapter%2012%20outline - Chapter12:TheCellCycle...

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Chapter 12: The Cell Cycle Cell division reproduction of cells, or cell division Unicellular organisms reproduction Multicellular organisms  Development from a fertilized cell Growth Repair Mitosis Cell division  Leads to genetically identical daughter cells Cells duplicate their genetic material Each daughter cell receives an exact copy of DNA Cellular Organization of the Genetic Material A cell’s DNA genome The DNA molecules chromosomes Eukaryotic chromosomes Chromatin  a complex of DNA and protein In animals Somatic cells  two sets of chromosomes (2N) Gametes  one set of chromosomes (1N) Distribution of Chromosomes During Cell Division In preparation for cell division DNA is replicated  Then chromosomes condense Duplicated chromosome Made of 2 sister chromatids
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Figure 12.4 Eukaryotic cell division consists of Mitosis Cytokinesis In meiosis Sex cells 
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Chapter%2012%20outline - Chapter12:TheCellCycle...

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