Computer Assignment 2

28e00 913e 02 129e00 100e 01 130e00 111e 01 131e00

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Unformatted text preview: 00 9.13E-02 1.29E+00 1.00E-01 1.30E+00 1.11E-01 1.31E+00 1.22E-01 1.32E+00 1.34E-01 1.33E+00 1.47E-01 1.34E+00 1.62E-01 1.35E+00 1.78E-01 1.36E+00 1.96E-01 1.36E+00 2.16E-01 1.37E+00 2.37E-01 1.37E+00 2.61E-01 1.37E+00 2.88E-01 1.37E+00 3.17E-01 1.37E+00 3.49E-01 1.36E+00 3.81E-01 1.35E+00 4.12E-01 1.34E+00 4.44E-01 1.32E+00 4.76E-01 1.30E+00 5.07E-01 1.29E+00 5.39E-01 1.27E+00 5.71E-01 1.26E+00 6.03E-01 1.24E+00 6.34E-01 1.23E+00 6.66E-01 1.22E+00 6.98E-01 1.20E+00 7.29E-01 1.19E+00 7.58E-01 1.17E+00 7.85E-01 1.16E+00 8.09E-01 1.14E+00 8.31E-01 1.13E+00 8.50E-01 1.12E+00 8.68E-01 1.11E+00 8.84E-01 1.09E+00 8.99E-01 1.08E+00 9.12E-01 1.07E+00 9.24E-01 1.06E+00 9.35E-01 1.05E+00 9.45E-01 1.04E+00 9.54E-01 1.03E+00 9.62E-01 1.02E+00 9.69E-01 1.01E+00 9.76E-01 1.00E+00 9.82E-01 9.96E-01 9.87E-01 9.88E-01 9.92E-01 9.80E-01 9.97E-01 9.72E-01 1.00E+00 9.65E-01 WALZ Code Image WALZ Code Image Parameter Changes WALZ Code Image Run WALZ Code Output x/L Ue/Uinf delta delta* theta cf 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 2.19E-04 6.21E-05 2.63E-05 0.00E+00 2.50E-02 1.05E+00 7.39E-04 2.09E-04 8.87E-05 1.11E-02 5.00E-02 1.20E+00 6.10E-04 1.88E-04 7.53E-05 9.36E-03 7.50E-02 1.27E+00 8.26E-04 2.55E-04 1.02E-04 6.53E-03 1.00E-01 1.30E+00 1.01E-03 3.17E-04 1.25E-04 4.83E-03 1.25E-01 1.32E+00 1.16E-03 3.64E-04 1.44E-04 4.18E-03 1.50E-01 1.34E+00 1.28E-03 4.05E-04 1.60E-04 3.69E-03 1.75E-01 1.36E+00 1.40E-03 4.42E-04 1.74E-04 3.28E-03 2.00E-01 1.36E+00 1.54E-03 4.84E-04 1.91E-04 3.03E-03 2.25E-01 1.37E+00 1.63E-03 5.32E-04 2.03E-04 2.45E-03 2.50E-01 1.37E+00 1.76E-03 5.73E-04 2.20E-04 2.31E-03 2.75E-01 1.37E+00 1.87E-03 6.12E-04 2.34E-04 2.14E-03 3.00E-01 1.37E+00 1.98E-03 6.44E-04 2.48E-04 2.08E-03 3.25E-01 1.37E+00 2.09E-03 7.10E-04 2.62E-04 1.61E-03 3.50E-01 1.36E+00 2.23E-03 7.78E-04 2.80E-04 1.34E-03 3.75E-01 1.35E+00 2.37E-03 8.17E-04 2.96E-04 1.33E-03 4.00E-01 1.34E+00 2.50E-03 8.78E-04 3.12E-04 1.15E-03 4.25E-01 1.33E+00 2.70E-03 1.12E-03 3.31E-04 2.74E-04 4.50E-01 1.32E+00 2.94E-03 1.66E-03 3.55E-04 3.29E-03 Separation at x/L = 4.5000e-001 WALZ Code Output Plot 3.50E-03 Column BR Column BS Column BQ Column BQ 3.00E-03 2.50E-03 2.00E-03 1.50E-03 1.00E-03 5.00E-0...
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