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Maria Moore Charles Littles Jennifer MacklinMalachi(Word)

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1Maria Moore Charles Littles Jennifer Macklin Malachi Matson Assignment #1 In Jared Diamonds essay “The Great Leap Forward”, he discusses many similarities and differences between the Neanderthal’s and modern humans. He goes into elaborate detail during his comparison of their many physical attributes, he also analyzes their underdeveloped culture and other human characteristics. “While a Neanderthal in a business suit or a dress would attract your attention, one in shorts or a bikini would be even more startling”. In this quote, diamond gives a vivid example of the brutish physical qualities of the Neanderthals’s as apposed to modern humans. The Neanderthal’s were more heavily muscled which caused their bones to be thicker. The Neanderthal’s had a very distinct head anatomy consisting of prominent eyebrows, nose, jaws, and teeth that protruded far forward, they also had low sloping foreheads. The Neanderthal’s looked different from modern humans but they also had a underdeveloped
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Unformatted text preview: culture. Diamond suggests that this is due to the fact that they lacked innovation of modern humans. This lead to them not being able to develope any type of art or literature. They also did not develope the desire to travel, which disabled them from participating in any type of long-distance overland trade which is another effect of having no innovation. Evidence also shows that they never developed any type of needle or sewing equipment because all of their clothes were savage. Although the Neanderthals were very different from modern humans they also have some interesting similarities, for example they were the first to bury their dead and take care of the sick and elderly. They were also the first to use fire on a regular basis, although they were very different from people nowadays they were a start to a new beginning that would lead to great things....
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