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5.60E-02 2.77E+00 1.00E-01 2.77E+00 1.50E-01 2.77E+00 2.00E-01 2.77E+00 1.00E-03 2.74E+00 5.00E-02 2.75E+00 1.00E-01 2.75E+00 1.50E-01 2.75E+00 2.00E-01 2.75E+00 2.50E-01 2.75E+00 3.00E-01 2.75E+00 3.50E-01 2.75E+00 4.01E-01 2.75E+00 4.50E-01 2.75E+00 5.00E-01 2.75E+00 5.50E-01 2.75E+00 6.01E-01 2.75E+00 6.50E-01 2.75E+00 7.00E-01 2.75E+00 7.50E-01 2.75E+00 8.03E-01 2.75E+00 8.53E-01 2.75E+00 9.03E-01 2.75E+00 9.53E-01 2.75E+00 1.00E+00 2.75E+00 1.05E+00 2.75E+00 1.10E+00 2.75E+00 1.15E+00 2.75E+00 1.20E+00 2.75E+00 1.25E+00 2.75E+00 1.30E+00 2.74E+00 1.35E+00 2.74E+00 1.40E+00 2.74E+00 1.45E+00 2.74E+00 1.50E+00 2.73E+00 1.55E+00 2.73E+00 1.60E+00 2.72E+00 1.66E+00 2.71E+00 1.70E+00 2.70E+00 1.75E+00 2.69E+00 1.80E+00 2.68E+00 1.85E+00 2.68E+00 1.90E+00 2.67E+00 1.95E+00 2.66E+00 2.00E+00 2.66E+00 2.05E+00 2.66E+00 2.10E+00 2.66E+00 2.15E+00 2.66E+00 2.20E+00 2.67E+00 2.25E+00 2.68E+00 2.30E+00 2.69E+00 2.35E+00 2.70E+00 2.40E+00 2.71E+00 2.45E+00 2.72E+00 2.50E+00 2.72E+00 2.55E+00 2.73E+00 2.60E+00 2.73E+00 2.65E+00 2.73E+00 2.70E+00 2.73E+00 2.75E+00 2.72E+00 2.80E+00 2.72E+00 2.85E+00 2.71E+00 2.91E+00 2.70E+00 2.96E+00 2.69E+00 3.01E+00 2.68E+00 3.06E+00 2.67E+00 3.11E+00 2.66E+00 3.16E+00 2.66E+00 3.21E+00 2.66E+00 3.26E+00 2.66E+00 3.31E+00 2.67E+00 3.36E+00 2.67E+00 3.41E+00 2.68E+00 3.46E+00 2.69E+00 3.51E+00 2.70E+00 3.56E+00 2.71E+00
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