gain08_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday 4:06 PM Time[sec...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:06 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 0.00000E+0 2.75505E+0 4.80003E-2 2.75425E+0 9.80000E-2 2.75474E+0 1.53000E-1 2.75428E+0 1.99000E-1 2.75393E+0 2.48000E-1 2.75380E+0 2.98000E-1 2.75277E+0 3.48000E-1 2.75173E+0 3.98000E-1 2.75186E+0 4.48000E-1 2.75122E+0 4.98000E-1 2.75068E+0 5.48000E-1 2.75050E+0 5.99000E-1 2.75029E+0 6.49000E-1 2.74950E+0 6.98000E-1 2.74983E+0 7.48000E-1 2.74978E+0 7.99000E-1 2.75004E+0 8.49000E-1 2.75004E+0 9.04000E-1 2.74909E+0 9.49000E-1 2.74841E+0 9.99000E-1 2.74797E+0 1.04900E+0 2.74752E+0 1.09900E+0 2.74710E+0 1.14900E+0 2.74726E+0 1.19900E+0 2.74701E+0 1.24900E+0 2.74646E+0 1.29900E+0 2.74629E+0 1.34900E+0 2.74647E+0 1.40000E+0 2.74754E+0 1.44900E+0 2.74803E+0 1.50000E+0 2.74844E+0 1.54900E+0 2.74729E+0 1.59900E+0 2.74481E+0 1.64900E+0 2.74139E+0 1.69900E+0 2.73630E+0 1.75100E+0 2.73055E+0 1.80000E+0 2.72373E+0 1.85600E+0 2.71540E+0 1.90000E+0 2.70575E+0 1.95000E+0 2.69668E+0 2.00000E+0 2.68716E+0 2.05000E+0 2.67862E+0 2.10000E+0 2.67191E+0 2.15000E+0 2.66621E+0 2.20000E+0 2.66269E+0 2.25000E+0 2.66054E+0 2.30000E+0 2.66013E+0 2.35000E+0 2.66174E+0 2.40000E+0 2.66488E+0 2.45200E+0 2.66872E+0 2.50000E+0 2.67342E+0 2.55000E+0 2.67924E+0 2.60000E+0 2.68481E+0 2.65000E+0 2.68999E+0 2.70000E+0 2.69436E+0 2.75000E+0 2.69888E+0
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2.80000E+0 2.70174E+0 2.85000E+0 2.70383E+0 2.90100E+0 2.70425E+0 2.95000E+0 2.70414E+0 3.00000E+0 2.70271E+0 3.05000E+0 2.70090E+0 3.10000E+0 2.69890E+0 3.15000E+0 2.69709E+0 3.20000E+0 2.69543E+0 3.25000E+0 2.69319E+0 3.30000E+0 2.69206E+0 3.35100E+0 2.69114E+0 3.40000E+0 2.69119E+0
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gain08_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday 4:06 PM Time[sec...

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