gain12_run2 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:19 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 0.00000E+0 2.75020E+0 5.10001E-2 2.75083E+0 9.99999E-2 2.75070E+0 1.50000E-1 2.75122E+0 2.00000E-1 2.75020E+0 2.50000E-1 2.75010E+0 3.00000E-1 2.74971E+0 3.52000E-1 2.75004E+0 4.01000E-1 2.74968E+0 4.51000E-1 2.75038E+0 5.06000E-1 2.75088E+0 5.51000E-1 2.75130E+0 6.01000E-1 2.75173E+0 6.51000E-1 2.75173E+0 7.02000E-1 2.75241E+0 7.51000E-1 2.75201E+0 8.01000E-1 2.75198E+0 8.51000E-1 2.75241E+0 9.01000E-1 2.75291E+0 9.51000E-1 2.75310E+0 1.00100E+0 2.75298E+0 1.05100E+0 2.75232E+0 1.10100E+0 2.75231E+0 1.15100E+0 2.75262E+0 1.20200E+0 2.75319E+0 1.25100E+0 2.75380E+0 1.30100E+0 2.75479E+0 1.35100E+0 2.75548E+0 1.40100E+0 2.75566E+0 1.45100E+0 2.75344E+0 1.50600E+0 2.75119E+0 1.55100E+0 2.74674E+0 1.60100E+0 2.73980E+0 1.65100E+0 2.73102E+0 1.70100E+0 2.72074E+0 1.75100E+0 2.70940E+0 1.80100E+0 2.69747E+0 1.85100E+0 2.68463E+0 1.90100E+0 2.67219E+0 1.95100E+0 2.66141E+0 2.00100E+0 2.65263E+0 2.05100E+0 2.64652E+0 2.10100E+0 2.64325E+0 2.15100E+0 2.64313E+0 2.20200E+0 2.64571E+0 2.25700E+0 2.65084E+0 2.30100E+0 2.65699E+0 2.35100E+0 2.66519E+0 2.40100E+0 2.67378E+0 2.45100E+0 2.68299E+0 2.50100E+0 2.69107E+0 2.55100E+0 2.69858E+0 2.60100E+0 2.70535E+0 2.65100E+0 2.70996E+0 2.70100E+0 2.71234E+0 2.75100E+0 2.71171E+0
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2.80100E+0 2.70956E+0 2.85100E+0 2.70577E+0 2.90100E+0 2.70166E+0 2.95100E+0 2.69613E+0 3.00100E+0 2.69086E+0 3.05100E+0 2.68618E+0 3.10100E+0 2.68141E+0 3.15100E+0 2.67671E+0 3.20600E+0 2.67401E+0 3.25100E+0 2.67306E+0 3.30100E+0 2.67281E+0 3.35100E+0 2.67334E+0 3.40100E+0 2.67431E+0
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2012 for the course AOE 4154 taught by Professor Simpson,r during the Fall '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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gain12_run2 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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