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gain20_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday 4:08 PM Time[sec...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:08 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 0.00000E+0 2.75078E+0 5.20000E-2 2.75086E+0 1.02000E-1 2.75213E+0 1.58000E-1 2.75300E+0 2.07000E-1 2.75267E+0 2.54000E-1 2.75264E+0 3.04000E-1 2.75272E+0 3.54000E-1 2.75265E+0 4.04000E-1 2.75193E+0 4.54000E-1 2.75241E+0 5.04000E-1 2.75334E+0 5.54000E-1 2.75170E+0 6.04000E-1 2.75058E+0 6.54000E-1 2.74981E+0 7.04000E-1 2.75032E+0 7.55000E-1 2.75002E+0 8.05000E-1 2.75020E+0 8.54000E-1 2.74999E+0 9.04000E-1 2.75102E+0 9.54000E-1 2.75052E+0 1.00700E+0 2.75002E+0 1.05500E+0 2.75119E+0 1.10400E+0 2.75139E+0 1.15400E+0 2.75139E+0 1.20400E+0 2.74973E+0 1.25400E+0 2.74983E+0 1.30400E+0 2.75001E+0 1.35900E+0 2.75025E+0 1.40900E+0 2.74943E+0 1.45900E+0 2.74963E+0 1.50900E+0 2.75004E+0 1.55900E+0 2.75066E+0 1.60900E+0 2.75098E+0 1.65900E+0 2.75047E+0 1.70900E+0 2.75060E+0 1.76000E+0 2.74831E+0 1.80900E+0 2.74355E+0 1.85900E+0 2.73765E+0 1.90900E+0 2.73088E+0 1.95900E+0 2.72210E+0 2.00900E+0 2.71282E+0 2.05900E+0 2.70300E+0 2.11000E+0 2.69252E+0 2.15900E+0 2.68323E+0 2.20900E+0 2.67396E+0 2.25900E+0 2.66672E+0 2.30900E+0 2.66205E+0 2.35900E+0 2.65868E+0 2.40900E+0 2.65799E+0 2.45900E+0 2.66037E+0 2.50900E+0 2.66335E+0 2.55900E+0 2.66872E+0 2.60900E+0 2.67544E+0 2.65900E+0 2.68264E+0 2.70900E+0 2.69137E+0 2.75900E+0 2.69868E+0
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2.80900E+0 2.70489E+0 2.85900E+0 2.71033E+0 2.90900E+0 2.71429E+0 2.95900E+0 2.71544E+0 3.00900E+0 2.71561E+0 3.05900E+0 2.71328E+0 3.10900E+0 2.70956E+0 3.15900E+0 2.70494E+0 3.20900E+0 2.69868E+0 3.25900E+0 2.69395E+0 3.30900E+0 2.68959E+0 3.36000E+0 2.68535E+0 3.41100E+0 2.68152E+0 3.46000E+0 2.67891E+0 3.51000E+0 2.67699E+0 3.56000E+0 2.67656E+0 3.61000E+0 2.67743E+0 3.66000E+0 2.67883E+0 3.71000E+0 2.68180E+0 3.76100E+0 2.68389E+0 3.81000E+0 2.68678E+0 3.86000E+0 2.68889E+0 3.91000E+0 2.69101E+0 3.96000E+0 2.69439E+0 4.01000E+0 2.69632E+0 4.06000E+0 2.69786E+0 4.11000E+0 2.69855E+0 4.16000E+0 2.69921E+0 4.21000E+0 2.69932E+0 4.26000E+0 2.69909E+0 4.31000E+0 2.69839E+0 4.36000E+0 2.69807E+0 4.41000E+0 2.69812E+0 4.46000E+0 2.69656E+0 4.51000E+0 2.69628E+0 4.56000E+0 2.69599E+0 4.61000E+0 2.69641E+0 4.66000E+0
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