gain24_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:09 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 0.00000E+0 2.74397E+0 4.99997E-2 2.74332E+0 9.99999E-2 2.74378E+0 1.50000E-1 2.74404E+0 2.00000E-1 2.74420E+0 2.50000E-1 2.74468E+0 3.01000E-1 2.74430E+0 3.50000E-1 2.74292E+0 4.00000E-1 2.74327E+0 4.50000E-1 2.74287E+0 5.00000E-1 2.74358E+0 5.50000E-1 2.74356E+0 6.00000E-1 2.74394E+0 6.50000E-1 2.74463E+0 7.00000E-1 2.74434E+0 7.50000E-1 2.74409E+0 8.00000E-1 2.74361E+0 8.50000E-1 2.74493E+0 9.05000E-1 2.74522E+0 9.50000E-1 2.74517E+0 1.00000E+0 2.74466E+0 1.05000E+0 2.74509E+0 1.10000E+0 2.74491E+0 1.15000E+0 2.74432E+0 1.20000E+0 2.74485E+0 1.25000E+0 2.74485E+0 1.30000E+0 2.74542E+0 1.35000E+0 2.74537E+0 1.40000E+0 2.74554E+0 1.45000E+0 2.74545E+0 1.50000E+0 2.74422E+0 1.55000E+0 2.74176E+0 1.60000E+0 2.73780E+0 1.65000E+0 2.73226E+0 1.70000E+0 2.72537E+0 1.75000E+0 2.71758E+0 1.80300E+0 2.70895E+0 1.85200E+0 2.69945E+0 1.90200E+0 2.68959E+0 1.95200E+0 2.68026E+0 2.00200E+0 2.67222E+0 2.05200E+0 2.66567E+0 2.10200E+0 2.66052E+0 2.15200E+0 2.65855E+0 2.20400E+0 2.65904E+0 2.25300E+0 2.66151E+0 2.30300E+0 2.66637E+0 2.35300E+0 2.67247E+0 2.40300E+0 2.67978E+0 2.45300E+0 2.68800E+0 2.50300E+0 2.69673E+0 2.55300E+0 2.70475E+0 2.60300E+0 2.71186E+0 2.65300E+0 2.71689E+0 2.70400E+0 2.71965E+0 2.75300E+0 2.72118E+0 2.80800E+0 2.71955E+0
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2.85300E+0 2.71692E+0 2.90300E+0 2.71147E+0 2.95300E+0 2.70611E+0 3.00300E+0 2.69835E+0 3.05300E+0 2.69074E+0 3.10300E+0 2.68483E+0 3.15300E+0 2.67904E+0 3.20300E+0 2.67457E+0 3.25400E+0 2.67152E+0 3.30400E+0 2.66994E+0 3.35400E+0 2.66938E+0 3.40400E+0 2.67145E+0
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gain24_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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