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gain35_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday 4:14 PM Time[sec...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:14 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 0.00000E+0 2.73364E+0 4.90003E-2 2.73390E+0 9.90000E-2 2.73306E+0 1.49000E-1 2.73240E+0 2.06000E-1 2.73203E+0 3.17000E-1 2.73176E+0 4.09000E-1 2.73035E+0 4.61000E-1 2.73027E+0 5.15000E-1 2.73061E+0 5.82000E-1 2.73027E+0 6.15000E-1 2.73079E+0 6.68000E-1 2.73015E+0 7.32000E-1 2.73097E+0 7.76000E-1 2.72920E+0 8.26000E-1 2.72946E+0 8.77000E-1 2.72932E+0 9.27000E-1 2.73107E+0 9.77000E-1 2.73152E+0 1.02700E+0 2.73244E+0 1.07700E+0 2.73282E+0 1.12700E+0 2.73288E+0 1.17700E+0 2.73308E+0 1.22700E+0 2.73147E+0 1.28000E+0 2.73265E+0 1.33000E+0 2.73032E+0 1.38000E+0 2.72623E+0 1.43000E+0 2.72049E+0 1.48000E+0 2.71443E+0 1.53000E+0 2.70619E+0 1.58000E+0 2.69890E+0 1.63000E+0 2.69081E+0 1.68500E+0 2.68312E+0 1.73000E+0 2.67761E+0 1.78000E+0 2.67216E+0 1.83000E+0 2.66833E+0 1.88000E+0 2.66734E+0 1.93000E+0 2.66785E+0 1.98000E+0 2.67000E+0 2.03000E+0 2.67454E+0 2.08000E+0 2.68032E+0 2.13000E+0 2.68736E+0 2.18000E+0 2.69546E+0 2.23000E+0 2.70172E+0 2.28000E+0 2.70872E+0 2.33000E+0 2.71464E+0 2.38400E+0 2.71885E+0 2.43400E+0 2.72108E+0 2.48400E+0 2.72139E+0 2.53500E+0 2.71875E+0 2.58400E+0 2.71421E+0 2.63400E+0 2.70882E+0 2.68400E+0 2.70185E+0 2.73400E+0 2.69451E+0 2.78400E+0 2.68710E+0 2.83400E+0 2.67988E+0 2.88400E+0 2.67406E+0
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2.93400E+0 2.66972E+0 2.98500E+0 2.66726E+0 3.03500E+0 2.66710E+0 3.08400E+0 2.66861E+0 3.13500E+0 2.67257E+0 3.18400E+0 2.67751E+0 3.23900E+0 2.68466E+0 3.28400E+0 2.68943E+0 3.33400E+0 2.69705E+0 3.38400E+0 2.70368E+0 3.43400E+0 2.71048E+0 3.48400E+0 2.71612E+0 3.53400E+0 2.71960E+0 3.58400E+0 2.72120E+0 3.63400E+0 2.71929E+0 3.68400E+0 2.71627E+0 3.73500E+0 2.71104E+0 3.78400E+0 2.70667E+0 3.83400E+0 2.70033E+0 3.88400E+0 2.69336E+0 3.93400E+0 2.68609E+0 3.98500E+0 2.67963E+0 4.03400E+0 2.67454E+0 4.08400E+0 2.67076E+0 4.13400E+0 2.66945E+0 4.18400E+0 2.66940E+0 4.23400E+0 2.67137E+0 4.28400E+0 2.67523E+0 4.33900E+0 2.68044E+0 4.38900E+0 2.68667E+0 4.43800E+0 2.69367E+0 4.48800E+0 2.70011E+0 4.53800E+0 2.70672E+0 4.58800E+0 2.71286E+0 4.63800E+0 2.71683E+0 4.68800E+0 2.71927E+0 4.73800E+0 2.72033E+0 4.78800E+0
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