gain36_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009 4:15 PM Time [sec] Error [Volts] 9.99928E-4 2.73761E+0 5.19996E-2 2.73834E+0 1.01000E-1 2.73814E+0 1.51000E-1 2.73895E+0 2.01000E-1 2.73969E+0 2.51000E-1 2.73975E+0 3.01000E-1 2.73908E+0 3.51000E-1 2.73873E+0 4.01000E-1 2.73868E+0 4.51000E-1 2.73835E+0 5.01000E-1 2.73890E+0 5.51000E-1 2.73822E+0 6.01000E-1 2.73885E+0 6.51000E-1 2.73830E+0 7.06000E-1 2.73765E+0 7.55000E-1 2.73839E+0 8.04000E-1 2.73929E+0 8.54000E-1 2.73995E+0 9.04000E-1 2.74090E+0 9.54000E-1 2.74182E+0 1.00400E+0 2.74212E+0 1.05500E+0 2.74282E+0 1.10400E+0 2.74346E+0 1.15400E+0 2.74328E+0 1.20400E+0 2.74475E+0 1.25400E+0 2.74440E+0 1.30400E+0 2.74396E+0 1.35400E+0 2.74074E+0 1.40400E+0 2.73669E+0 1.45400E+0 2.73132E+0 1.50400E+0 2.72544E+0 1.55400E+0 2.71793E+0 1.60400E+0 2.70928E+0 1.65400E+0 2.70098E+0 1.70400E+0 2.69078E+0 1.75500E+0 2.68220E+0 1.80900E+0 2.67396E+0 1.85400E+0 2.66928E+0 1.90400E+0 2.66473E+0 1.95400E+0 2.66315E+0 2.00400E+0 2.66374E+0 2.05500E+0 2.66719E+0 2.10400E+0 2.67268E+0 2.15400E+0 2.67917E+0 2.20400E+0 2.68867E+0 2.25400E+0 2.69791E+0 2.30400E+0 2.70708E+0 2.35400E+0 2.71540E+0 2.40400E+0 2.72259E+0 2.45400E+0 2.72816E+0 2.50400E+0 2.73094E+0 2.55400E+0 2.73086E+0 2.60400E+0 2.72835E+0 2.65400E+0 2.72448E+0 2.70500E+0 2.71724E+0 2.75400E+0 2.70830E+0
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2.80400E+0 2.69927E+0 2.85400E+0 2.68968E+0 2.90400E+0 2.68055E+0 2.95400E+0 2.67267E+0 3.00400E+0 2.66621E+0 3.05400E+0 2.66343E+0 3.10800E+0 2.66192E+0 3.15800E+0 2.66225E+0 3.20800E+0 2.66540E+0 3.25800E+0 2.67124E+0 3.30800E+0 2.67834E+0 3.35800E+0 2.68816E+0 3.40800E+0 2.69857E+0
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2012 for the course AOE 4154 taught by Professor Simpson,r during the Fall '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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gain36_run1 - F-16 Response Data Friday, September 18, 2009...

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