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f,lr'. ,:i ijr-'i''l'*" b*t fidthp ratio of the wbcite of T:Ihbles' onc pd'Ered'by a liquid- chrsi:al roclc and IF-*Y q 1-11ry-*ttU;" o*" "'tt* the'v ap used - fu rcebratisr d a 10'ffiGkg n4*o3" " t"+tavityield Both vehicles h^' ;,*"r r"itri "*'isi6'mo -t {*;;tgfm"ffi;Hffi ffi -ffiHffi#r:Km"t* ;'.k"i ila"'t"'t"'ar cdrn- hem of c :0'08{l' 8*[ *L*To.l : ";r* tt'.,t ""r' [' b ' .,!^*",, i':r ,{, ". # ."iri,i{1"+ ."i lq i' ,,t t I r:- 1f) 1 illdF *' kq Nla i/ tj I il/ \ n,ri , r , r". ,*f ;: F*"f,:tr i,'" \*d' , L* I' ?, fl | ..-I,t,q'^usu r,".1[ qi* f % fdqfu]; $'.s#-- c t-t I ,''^ t4.,1 , ' 14 o*,, loonJ fr"\k. rrr.j . :,. S{^ "' /'{ "r'* .:i -vl', $4,*-f* *u.* \ st f+t.-: I h P ** -t &'.4gS r ro.o -{'q r r.dr 5O, c$ (} o*r\eru,',u,t*w,.u*t i ti*t *l-\ rn-q.,*\i-r. .{o{ig*t * d H: 1D' Ce " n h fls"to*-**'uq o{**{r*n;[* -6trr ##}('} U? ,{ Atri*uuA* M*ftx.,ff*-,d /ui w" Afl*oqruf .r .w*ft,,;_d,d fln ( t ;, bqbf,s,F s,r- dd't /ffif; ? u 6b { # lfr':jffifl'' *t:-,1r,: \ q,8 I :ffi"ffif*ffi*A nKg't ("'cd'sitif,i{;}'t,- $thffls# .J \ J #' '+-Ls't:':/ rur n /' I ri A1t lt4***J' - .. ,+f ""*' "'"" tm@4ed'ls"$d* - l 1!?ttui,'d. A*go/, I yyl$r*s",{r* ( d (*e.,.,uoA 'ffi Fv?s+ q* ue*t{"u' q r*r's*[r d t) 4"'''*t'^tl*'K 4Fis!**dEa: N' 4 Mlo,'*po{s*r:* NEwt,qe f rw's r\D
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' 'L]' 1"' t0 - L A smnding rockct is to be launched vwtimlly from the earthb surface. It ' is to be designed for a 35Gkg payload that must not nrffer an acceleration greater than 59 during the hrrning period. The mximum propellant mass is 1000 kg, and the stnrtural efficiency frctor c is 0.1. The solid propcllant rcelret motc that will be desigrEd for this whbh is expected to hare a spe. cific impulse of 250 s. Thkingg - g, and rrcd€ctirg acrod5mamic drag, &ermine: a. The minimum allowable burning periodn b. The maximum height attainable, c. The height dlowable if the maxinum payload accderation were limited to 49. /?afhteg ^, 8o'4{se+ b, zfo *n e, ^zt h'"* *lr ,*r1tx-:1 red) ,I ?,{ *d i n, t .#"|f." } '*' ,'; { $t T1 "s *Fd** ll$-t, 4 H ,w**n.\^+-.- '(o,f;t "*jfrr* (-tfndp* ""Wig] {h wr'*l(,*lri.ur;4':z1o.,tr",04r,,q1a1(^ylo-*t', laolt t ltl,tll +?,{'i}. 14b/"lll k'rl t, ll r 1l:r y" ['J' {, r' il'i i ' , l /'^i ., " ! :'l' ';;; r'"'' '*'': i "'-*'1 l/i,,{rg.,f ,.,,#."j t tf # n*ro "*' 't u') '!^' {-.n, '"t^tf* {,g*;, . i* ,i lr I D*:$.' u ?, fu*' #- t [* f ?. 2#'# l:de d'- *6*"uS -te ^nt I(= &5 rnb =?+s+-nw{ *r Mr*yloo-*:t ::" I t l, tl I f ?.s# q' lbl - / ld *fr. &t /^(r -(r -*)$J-t* Itl *i& 4n T ( il* n
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HW6Solution - f ,lr ' ., :i i j r - 'i 'l '* " b*t -...

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