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TEST 2 REVIEW ME/AOE 4234 FALL 2009 KAS Review the assigned problems; 5-(2,3,8,19,20); Problems 5-(6,7,11,12,18) may also be useful to review. Review the assigned readings in the text. For the test, you may use two additional sheets of notes (fronts or one sheet front and back) in addition to your notes for test one. You can also bring the figures supplied for test one. No other references are allowed. No worked problems. 1. Know and be able to describe in words the names of the components and the major features of the airbreathing engines we discussed. Know the applications of each type of engines. 2. Know how eqns. 5.6 and 5.7 were derived from the momentum equation. Understand how the spill flow was handled. Know how to use these equations to find T/m a 3. Know and be able to use the definitions of propulsion efficiency, thermal
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Unformatted text preview: efficiency, overall efficiency, and TSFC. Know the Brequet range equation and be able to use it to determine the effect of engine performance on range. 4. Be able to analyze the performance of the following components, given efficiencies and adequate boundary conditions: a. Inlets; subsonic and supersonic and all combinations b. Compressors and fans c. Combustors or burners d. Turbines e. Nozzles 5. Be able to sketch the T-s diagrams representing the performance of each component and identify “real” and “ideal” states. 6. Be able to sketch the T-s diagrams for each type of airbreathing engine we discussed. 7. Be able to determine the principal performance parameters (T/m a , TSFC, η p , η th , and η o for each of the engines we discussed....
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