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Unformatted text preview: Pledge___________________________ Name_______________________________ AOE/ME 4234 - Vehicle Propulsion November 16, 2009 Test 3 Take Home KAS You may use the Class Textbook, your class notes, NACA 1135 report and your previous test note pages. Sign pledge; staple this sheet, your answers and formula sheet, hand in with this sheet on top and your note sheets on the bottom. Show all work, and mark answers clearly. Unless otherwise stated, use C p =1004.5 J/kg K, R=287 J/kg K, =1.4, 1 bar = 10 5 Pa and Q R =45 MJ/kg Figure 1: Supersonic Intake Configuration Figure 2: Low-bypass Turbofan A supersonic aircraft is being designed to fly at Mach number range of 1.6<M<2.5 at an altitude where the atmospheric Pressure and Temperature are 18.75 kPa and 216.7 K respectively. The aircraft is powered by a turbofan engine with two spools and a bypass ratio of 2.5 shown in Figure 2. In order to obtain an acceptable performance a supersonic inlet is designed to fulfill the required deceleration. The inlet, shown in Figure 1, is 1 designed such that there are 2 shock waves inside the inlet. The first shock wave angle designed such that there are 2 shock waves inside the inlet....
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Test3_AOE_ME_4234_Fall2009_Take_Home -...

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