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Physics paper - Charles Littles Research paper Physics is a...

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1Charles Littles 12/12/07 Research paper Physics is a discipline of science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force. Two specific subjects that I would like to touch on are fluid mechanics and temperature and heat. These are two subjects that we were not able to go over in class. In the following paper I will summerize these topics to the best of my ability. A definition of fluid mechanics is the study of how fluids move and the forces on them. Despite what most people think fluids include liquids and gases. Fluid mechanics can be broken up into two sections, fluid statics, the study of fluids at rest in equilibrium and fluid dymanics, the study of fluids in motion. Density has a lot to do with fluid mechanics, density is mass per unit volume. If a mass m of homogeneous material has volume V, its density D is the ratio m/v. specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a material to the density of water. Pressure is a normal force per unit area. Pascal’s law states that pressure applied to the surface of an enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to every portion of the fluid. Absolute pressure is the total pressure of a fluid, gauge pressure is the difference between absolute pressure and atmosphere pressure. The pressure difference between points 1 and 2 in a static
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Physics paper - Charles Littles Research paper Physics is a...

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