Factors that shift the demand curve

Factors that shift the demand curve - Pcom v D ^ (R), Pcom...

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Factors that shift the demand curve: 1-Income: Normal goods and Inferior goods::: Normal good: Income ^ Demand ^ (R), Income v Demand v (L) Inferior good: Income ^ Demand v (L), Income v Demand ^ (R) Example of an inferior good: Intercity bus travel 2-Preferences (how much people like/dislike a product): Like ^ Demand ^ (R) Like v Demand v (L) 3- Price of Related Goods: Substitutes for consumers (Buy one or the other): Psub ^ D ^ (R), Psub v D v (L) Compliments for consumers (Buy one and the other ex: Hot dogs and hot dog buns):
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Unformatted text preview: Pcom v D ^ (R), Pcom ^ D v (L) 4- Number of Demanders: Number ^ D ^ (R) Number v D v (L) Can be caused by change in season. Over winter break in Gville, the demand for restaurants is less because there are less people. 5- Credit Market Condition: Good Credit Market Conditions D ^ ( R) Bad Credit Market Conditions D v (L) 6- Future Expected Price: EFP ^ D v (R) EFP v D v (L)...
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