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152finalexamMemofa10 - MA 15200 FINAL EXAM Memo Tuesday...

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MA 15200 FINAL EXAM Memo Tuesday, December 14 th , 2010, 1:00 PM (2 hour exam) Location: Elliott Hall of Music ** Bring your Purdue ID, appropriate calculator , and pencils/erasers with you to the final exam. ** Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early in order to find your seat and get your lap board. ** Know the calculator policy . Students can only use a one-line scientific calculator. No other scientific calculator, graphing calculator, or programmable calculator will be allowed. Cell phones cannot be used for a calculator (in fact, cell phones must be put away and turned off). If a student does not bring their own appropriate approved calculator, he/she may have to take the exam without a calculator. No sharing of calculators is allowed. 1) Every student has an assigned seat in Elliott Hall. Please know your seat when you arrive. If you do not know your seat prior to the exam, please email your instructor. Attendance will be taken. Students are seated every third seat. There should be two empty seats between consecutive students and students should be lined up directly in front or behind other students. 2) The final exam is cumulative (comprehensive) and covers every lesson and all content covered during the semester. 3) There are 30 multiple-choice problems on the exam. The exam will be machine graded. No partial credit will be given. Double check answers before turning in your scantron (answer sheet). Also, you will be asked to circle the answers on your exam. Unlike previous exams, you will turn in both the exam and the scantron. Do not walk out with the exam. 4) The exam is twice as long as regular exams. Therefore, you will have twice as much time, 120 minutes. The time pressure on students to finish the exam in the two hours is little different than what you have experienced on the midterm exams. The majority of students will easily be finished well before the allotted 2 hours is over.
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