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generalHWSuggestions - tried NOTE The View lists your...

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ONLINE HW SUGGESTIONS: For typing answers into CengageNOW/iLrn in the correct form , the best guides are the answers in the back of the book . All Online HW assignments are always due at 11:55PM local time, West Lafayette time. No exceptions. You will need to make sure your computer's date, time, and time zone are correct or you will almost certainly experience date/time inconsistencies with the iLrn/CengageNOW HW system. Our time zone is the Eastern Time Zone, New York time. You can "retake" assignments and individual problems as many times as you want until the due date/time for the assignment has passed. When you log back in, the taken assignment does not automatically appear, you must click on the "Assignments" tab to be able "retake" an assignment. When you login to CengageNOW, on the ‘Assignments' page in the 'Actions' column there is a 'View' link that will allow you to view problems and your answers for the assignments you have
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Unformatted text preview: tried. NOTE: The View lists your answer twice and does not give you the correct answer, so read that page carefully. • If you are having problems, try using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for your browser (Some students have also reported difficulties with Safari). • The computers in the iTap lab in the basement of the Math building seem to work great without any modification. • Sometimes expressions such as 2 xy must be typed in as 2 * x y , 2 x y ⋅ , or 2 x y × . However, explicit use of the multiplication symbols is not normally required most of the time. • You can email me at [email protected] or contact tech support. If you email me, please note that my immediate response may not be available after 9 pm (so do NOT put off your homework until the night it is due!)....
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  • Fall '09
  • Usage share of web browsers, Comparison of web browsers, Time zone, Time in the United States, Eastern Time Zone, online hw assignments

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