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Lesson 7: For all equations: If the equation has one solution, enter that answer. If there is no solution to the equation, enter “none”. If all real numbers are solutions to the equation except for those value(s) that make the denominators zero, enter 1,. .. xa For example, in #4, we get equations that look like 14 2 1 8 4 xx (this is called an identity, because we get the same thing on both sides after cross-multiplication) and thus all real numbers are solutions except for any number that makes any denominator zero (in this case, 1 2 ). Enter this type of answer on the computer as 1 2 x . If there are two values for which the denominator will be zero, enter as 1 2 x or as 11 , 22 . The plus/minus option is listed under the “log” menu. Do NOT enter as , x . Cengage Now cannot accept this format. #1:
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