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Reflective Essay - Reflective Essay Jeremiah Gordon I have...

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Reflective Essay Jeremiah Gordon I have always been amazed with Apple products and the sheer obsession that I have seen some people take towards the brand. This interest of the company and what made them appeal so strongly to certain individuals was my primary driving force on deciding to make my presentation about Apple. I started off researching just by looking at Apple’s advertisements and reading articles about the new found success Apple has had in the technology market with new products such as the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, etc. After seeing product after product that had been a huge success I began to wonder what made their recent products so appealing to consumers. This question led me to begin to get more professional articles and peer-reviewed articles on Apple’s marketing techniques and the psychological effects that owning an Apple brand product can have. Finally this made me wonder is it healthy for someone to have such a strong bond to a brand or material goods. This led me to my final presentation in which I looked to see if Apple’s recent domination of the market had led to a new unhealthy relationship between the company and many consumers. The majority of adjustments were made based on the professor’s advice  after the beta plan had been looked over. The first recommendation was to use  images that were more modern and showed Apple products that the audience  would recognize more and connect with easier. I had originally made the  background of my first slide the original Macintosh Computer but later changed it  to an iPad. Another revision the instructor provided me with was to tell the story 
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of my presentation using images instead of flooding the audience with long  directly read sentences. Therefore I tried to include as many pictures and even  two YouTube videos in the presentation in order to keep the audience’s interest  but also to have effective examples and good information.  Since I was presenting examples of Apple’s advertising and showing Apple 
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Reflective Essay - Reflective Essay Jeremiah Gordon I have...

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