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Ethic Response - executives of the board. It seems that...

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Ethic Response #2 Jeremiah Gordon After reading the ethics code from Johnson and Johnson and TI, my thoughts changed about how I would respond to the certain ethical dilemmas presented in exercise 1. The two companies seem to put a lot of importance and time into their code of ethics and what guidelines they expect their employees to follow. As an employee of one of these two companies one would see the stress that is put on ethics and probably think very seriously about committing an infraction against the code of ethics. For instance, in class lying about your supervisors location was not a problem for most students but getting caught doing such an action would instantly lead to a meeting with directors and
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Unformatted text preview: executives of the board. It seems that both companies basically have a zero tolerance policy with infractions; so getting caught even once could lead to termination. Another problem we did not talk about in class is anyone who suspects someone else of being unethical must report or they are in trouble too. So trying to get away with dishonesty would not simply come down to a yes or no decision. Seeing the code of ethics at two major companies makes me realize that decisions that seem easy to make in the classroom are much more high risk and dangerous when they are in the workplace....
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