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Study+Guide+Quiz+2 - The Motivation and Management theories...

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Study Guide Quiz 2 The quiz will consist of T/F and Multiple Choice questions from Chapters 8. 10-12 and Bonus A. You are responsible for reading the chapters and the PowerPoints, along with any other assigned reading since the last quiz. Definitions are always a big part of the questions, so you will need to understand those. In addition to your readings, you will want to pay special attention to the following areas of emphasis. These in no way comprise everything on the test, but will get you started: Forms of organizational structure, departmentalization Job Characteristics model and other job design methods
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Unformatted text preview: The Motivation and Management theories - Taylor, Herzberg, Maslow, Adams, McGregor, etc. Understand the theory’s components and how it works Hawthorne studies and implications Goal Setting Theory, SMART Goals The Employment Process and HR Employment laws, sexual harassment Types of Training Recruitment and Selection Job Analysis Labor Laws Union history Organizing Process, Collective Bargaining, Security clauses, strikes, etc. Tort, contract, product law and other forms of business law from Bonus A...
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