Econ Princip II -SYLLABUS-S12

Econ Princip II -SYLLABUS-S12 - Economics Principles II New...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics Principles II New York University (ECON-UA 2) Spring, 2012 Prof. Marc Lieberman email: [email protected] Office: 19 W. 4 th St., 8 th floor, #816 Drop-in Office Hours (No appointment needed) Mon 2:30 – 4:00 Wed 2:30 – 4:00 Thurs 3:45 – 4:30 Economics can be defined as the study of choice under conditions of scarcity. This course covers micro economic principles. Microeconomics focuses on the choices made by individual economic decision makers -- households, firms, workers, and the government -- and how these decision makers interact in markets . Our goal is to understand how each part of the market system works and how the parts fit together. We’ll also apply this knowledge to a broad range of social and economic issues. TEXTBOOK & APLIA : The textbook is Microeconomics: Principles and Applications (5 th ed., 2010) by Robert Hall and Marc Lieberman. In addition, we are using Aplia problem sets as homework in this course, which you complete and submit online. While you must purchase access to Aplia to take this course, you do not have to purchase the physical textbook . Access to a digital version of the entire textbook is automatically included with Aplia. Instructions on registering for Aplia are on the Aplia instruction sheet (the last page of this syllabus). You can register for Aplia and access the book now, without buying anything from the bookstore, and even if aren’t ready to pay. If you do decide to purchase a physical book, Aplia offers copies at a substantial discount. But be sure to purchase the 5 th edition. There have been major changes from the 4 th to the 5 th edition. We will not be using the Blackboard system in this course. Instead, the Aplia course page will be our “home page.” Check it frequently for announcements, assignments, and course materials. PROBLEM SETS: You’ll be working on two types of homework problem sets in this class: (1) Aplia problem sets; (2) Supplemental problem sets. Aplia Problem Sets : The Aplia problem sets, which you answer online , are worth 10% of your total grade. The Aplia questions are learning tools. They are easier than the tests, because they guide you through the solutions. So doing Aplia on time will help to boost your overall average in the course. The grading option for this course is the one called “Do No Harm.” It’s explained in the introductory Aplia problem set, and provides a further opportunity for you to do well on the Aplia problem sets. But note that Aplia is completely unforgiving about late homework: it is not accepted, even if it's just one second late. After the deadline passes, any questions not answered are scored as zero. Check the Aplia site often for new due dates. Plan on doing the problem sets at least 24 hours in advance, in case of computer problems. This semester, the deadlines for Aplia problem sets will generally be Mondays and/or Wednesdays at 11:30pm. The first two Aplia problem sets, for example, are due Monday, Jan 30....
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Econ Princip II -SYLLABUS-S12 - Economics Principles II New...

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