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STA261 Exam 1 Cheat Sheet Kimberly Glennon -Data: pieces of information about individuals organized into variables: a particular characteristic, can be quantitative or categorical. -Dataset : a set of data identified with particular circumstances. Done in tables, rows=indiv, columns=vars -Exploratory Data Analysis is how we make sense of data by converting it from raw form to informative. -Graphical displays for distribution of C data: pie chart and bar chart -Graphical displays for distribution of Q data: histogram, stemplot, and boxplot Histogram Interpretation : Shape : symmetry/skewness and peakedness/modality (uniform, uni- or bimodal) , Center : midpoint , Spread : called variability, approx. . range covered by the data. Range=Max-Min Outliers: observations that fall outside the overall pattern Stemplot : leaf is right most digit, stem is everything else. Preserves original data and sorts it. Dotplot sim. -Mean : average of a set of observations. Add all up and divide by #. Symbol is x-bar. Sensitive to outliers. -
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