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Hale Scheckelhoff BUS 101 8/22/11 1) All of the students’ papers use critical thinking, yet some are better prepared and stronger based than others. From strongest to weakest based, the student’s papers are arranged from student C, student B, to student A. Student C earned the strongest based paper due to the organization of the paper and the context and content he or she made available to the reader. The student was the only one to separate the paper into categories such as “background” and “accounting rules”. After stating the content of the problem, the student then went on to give multiple reasons of why his or her plan would be best. The student even found a specific statement to support his or her argument. Next is student B. Student B has less organization and less context, but also looked into to finding a statement to support his or her argument. He or she also considers the stakeholder’s in this situation, which is a key part for business. However, student B could have elaborated more on his or her plan instead of using the last small paragraph
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