Inland Banks - Stockholders are interested in keeping the...

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Hale Scheckelhoff BUS 101 Inland Banks 1. A stakeholder is a person or group that affect, or are affected by, an organization’s decisions, policies, and operations. 2. In the Inland Banks Case the stakeholders are: the employees of the banks, customers of the banks (old people from Rockdale and poor people from North Madison Branch), stockholders of the Bank, and the suppliers of the bank. 3. The interest of the employees, of the company, is to keep the business successful, while at the same time maintaining the customers interest in the business. This is a dilemma though as Rockdale needs a 500,000 dollar renovation and North Madison with ATM’s. The employees are also worried about losing their jobs if the business decides to reorganize. The customers are interested in keeping a bank in their hometown.
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Unformatted text preview: Stockholders are interested in keeping the customer’s satisfaction updated and keep the profits of the business increasing so the stock price increases and profit can be made. Suppliers of the bank are interested in keeping the business a float so profits can be made for the supplier and business. 4. This case is about a business weighing the pros and cons or reorganization and the potential effects it would bring to the stakeholders. The case emphasizes the amount of stake people hold in the business and how each person has a different stake and view on what direction the company should take. Whichever action the company takes a stakeholder will be discouraged from the company and one or several may be encouraged to keep stake in the business....
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Inland Banks - Stockholders are interested in keeping the...

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