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Jonathan Lebed

Jonathan Lebed - 3 What is each stakeholder's stake The...

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Hale Scheckelhoff Bus 101 Rollins Jonathan Lebed 1. Do you think Jonathan Lebed did anything wrong? Why or why not? Try to argue both sides. Jonathan did do something wrong as he lied about the information of the stock to trick people into buying them. He posted information making the stock look more appealing and as the price was on the rise he would sell the stock for a huge profit. It can be argued he did not do anything wrong though as a wall street analyst can artificially raise the price of a stock legally. 2. Who are the stakeholders in this case? Why (what evidence did you see)? The stakeholders in this case are the stockholders because Jonathan manipulated the market and allowing some stockowners to pump and dump like he does so stock owners can be very benefited or lose a lot. Companies of the stock are also stakeholders as they can lose or gain from the stock prices manipulated from Jonathan. Jonathan is also a stakeholder as it is his money that could be gained or lost from investing in the stock market.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is each stakeholder's stake? The stakeholder’s stake include the stock, the money devoted to the stock, the money the stock brings to the company who owns the stock, and the legal penalties for giving false information about stock prices and expectations. 4. Which of the "Big 12" ethical issues are present in this case, and for which stakeholders? Rule number three is present for giving false impressions about the stock, rule number two is present as Jonathan is lying about the information of the stock, rule number five is present as hiding the true information about the stock, and rule number ten as he is violating the stock rules by cheating with pumping and dumping. 5. Are any types of laws broken in this case? Jonathan broke the law by knowingly manipulating the market to his favor and by manipulating people into buying stocks with false information. Just like companies cannot give out false information nor should Jonathan be able to do so....
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