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Hale Scheckelhoff Bus 101 Managing for Stakeholders -The book about Bob is how seemingly good managers and leaders are not able to get ahead in a business environment, yet a framework for business and management to manage stakeholders. The main concept of the book is that business is primarily about the stakes that groups contain in the business and business activities. Managing stakeholders allows multiple ways for a business to be successful in its own regard. Stakeholder capitalism arises in the markets when competing businesses are viewed as working together for the greater good in society and creating value for society in general. Government interference is encouraged for stakeholders as all stakeholders need to be treated equally and under no circumstances should a stakeholder be excluded. -This article is very helpful with the information it gives on managing stakeholders, yet the information seems very similar to what we already know. The article offered little new information about managing stakeholders form what our class has already learned, yet it is
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