Egypt HDI - Hale Scheckelhoff Economics Human Development...

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Hale Scheckelhoff Economics Human Development Index Egypt According to the Human Development Index, or the HDI, the country of Egypt is struggling as its quality of life is ranked 89 th . Quality of life is judged by the well being of citizens of the country and its society. The country Egypt suffers from all aspect of quality of life including: average life satisfaction, literacy, heritage/WSJ Economic Freedom, and overall Legatum prosperity. It is apparent that Egypt has many factors limiting the country’s ability to grow. The main factors that inhibit the With a ranking of 69 th in health, Egypt is in need of improvement. According to the Legatum Prosperity Egypt ranks in the bottom 20% with respect to infant mortality and health adjusted life. Although the country has descent access to clean water, access to sanitation facilities, and lower incidence of TB, the infrastructure is below the international average. Also, with nearly a third of the population with a debilitating health problem, which is above the international average, the health ranking earns its low status. All these low rankings negatively affect Egypt, as only healthy citizens can be workers. With less than productive workers, due to illness, the economy ends up suffering. With debilitating illness and poor healthcare Egypt is suffering, which is like wise with security & safety.
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Egypt HDI - Hale Scheckelhoff Economics Human Development...

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