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Narrative Evaluation

Narrative Evaluation - Viewing the video is a very surreal...

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Hale Scheckelhoff COM 135 Narrative Evaluation 1. Identify two strengths of your speech. When giving my speech I felt very confident when giving it. I made sure to make as much eye contact as possible as I almost never looked down at my key words. With this confidence I was able to have a confident stance and not sway or make small repetitive movements like many of the other students. 2. Identify two areas for improvement. My speech topic that was something very close to me, but I had difficulty organizing my thoughts in a timely manner. I became crunched for time at the end and made the cut off by only a few seconds. With a small amount of remaining time I felt rushed and couldn’t fully articulate my moral as well as I wished to originally. With this rush of time I began using the same phrase multiple times, such as “I remember” and “literally” taking away from the message because I was a little nervous and couldn’t articulate my thoughts fully. 3. Discuss the experience of viewing a video of you speaking.
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Unformatted text preview: Viewing the video is a very surreal feeling to see yourself in a different video on something you already accomplished. Many of the small subtleties I couldn’t notice when giving the speech became very apparent when viewing the video. 4. Based on your observations for this speech and the type of speech required for your next speech assignment, identify three goals for the Informative Speech AND what specific action steps you will take to achieve those goals. For the next speech I want to make use less repetitive phrases by practicing my speech more and feeling comfortable with the material, even if I am running out of time. I also want to be well inside the time constraint, which can be maintained by practicing and timing myself then editing my speech to the time limits. Finally, I hope to bring in a prop or visual aid to keep the audience more engaged and interested in my speech, which will require time to find the right prop with the right topic....
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Narrative Evaluation - Viewing the video is a very surreal...

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