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THE 191 Policy - GPA standards 3 Identify what it is about...

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Hale Scheckelhoff THE 191 K Review the syllabus. Identify at least one policy or requirement that is unclear to you. In a printed or clearly written page or less, headed by your name and section, do the following: 1. Briefly identify the policy or requirement that is unclear. (1 point) -For the grading scale is there a minus grade available such as an A- or is the percentage of a 90 out of 100 still considered and A with the GPA equivalent to 4.0? 2. In your own words, describe what you think is intended by the policy or requirement (1 point) - I would hope that the policy seems as it stands that between numbers you receive the grade associated. With this policy though comes a grade boost for a student in the minus zone due to
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Unformatted text preview: GPA standards. 3. Identify what it is about my language that makes the policy or requirement unclear (1 point)-The policy is unclear because I have never seen a grading scale like this before by boosting a GPA for a lower end grade. Hopefully, the policy is as stands and between the numbers will be the grade received. 4. Formulate a one sentence question that cuts to the heart of what you don't understand (2 points)- Why does this grading scale GPA boost students with the grade of a minus to the same as a flat grade? Is it really as good as it appears? The assignment is worth a total of 5 points. Even if you fulfill all of the above requirements, however, points may still be deducted for illegibility....
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