English Essay October 10th 2011

English Essay October 10th 2011 - Hall Andrew Hall Ms....

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Hall Andrew Hall Ms. Sonya Lawson Parrish English 111 10 October, 2011 Title “Feminism is sort of like God. Many people profess to believe in it, but no one seems to be able to define it to everyone's satisfaction.”(Allston. Brainyquote.com) Charles Moulton was a feminist theorist who came up with, and created Wonder Woman. He was said to have created her on the basis of being a superhero not through violence, but through conquering her foes with love and persuasion to do good. She was the first female superhero of her kind and was even placed on the cover of the inaugural issue of Ms. (a feminist magazine). But despite all of the women she has inspired through the years, Wonder Woman is not a strong icon for feminism because she is portrayed in some ways that makes her subordinate to men. The way Wonder Woman dresses draws a lot of attention in the show, and real life as well. All the women of Paradise Island (an island located in the Bermuda Triangle that Wonder Woman is from) dress very scantily. They wear night gowns at most times of the day, and night I assume. When they aren’t dressed in a tiny night gown, they wear short, tight fitting clothes. Her outfit for going to America is tight as well and displays the typical colors of Wonder Woman. In America this draws a lot of attention to herself from everyone, because women there do not dress like the Amazonians. While Wonder Woman is walking through the streets, getting stared at of course, she stops to look into a clothing department store window. A lady sees her from inside and motions her into the store. She then tries to sell her a dress but Wonder Woman doesn’t want it because it is too much clothing. The shop woman even says that she should have more clothing on. She says this to try and get a sale for her store but it also goes to prove that
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English Essay October 10th 2011 - Hall Andrew Hall Ms....

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