English Essay september 7th 2011

English Essay september 7th 2011 - Hall Andrew Hall Ms....

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Hall Andrew Hall Ms. Sonya Lawson Parrish English 111 7 September 2011 Conform? I Think Not I spent my last four years at an all boy Catholic school, St. Francis de Sales High School. So being that it is a Catholic high school, it only made sense that in our religion classes we talked about and wrote about prevalent issues that were at hand in our society and discussed the morality of these issues. Now, just because I am a Catholic does not mean that I am in full and complete agreement with everything that the church does and teaches. I would go as far as to say that there are more Catholics who disagree with some decisions or teachings of the church than there are who whole heartedly agree with everything that the church does and say. That is what makes human beings unique in our own ways. We are able to make our own intellectual decisions. We all have our different point of views. We don’t have to feel that we need to go along with the group. Every religion class since grade school had us write papers covering topics such as our feelings about God and who is our role model. Usually they were not required to be very in- depth so I never gave much thought to them. I decided to take Senior Seminar my senior year. This was a religion course but, as a senior high school class should be, it was much more in- depth than I had ever experienced before. For the first time we talked about God in many new ways as well as the origins of Catholic teachings that I had never thought about before. I, for the first time, was in a religion class where I honestly didn’t have an idea of what the assignments would be like. The first day of class came and I was pretty excited. It was a cool environment
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Hall because we weren’t in a classroom and we also weren’t sitting in desks. I liked it because I could see everyone, and since it was a mainly discussion based class that was helpful to be able to talk to my fellow classmates face to face instead of just toward the front of the room (now that I think about it, English 111 with Ms. Parrish reminds me of it because of the way the room is set up and discussion type class). We went over the syllabus, which finally gave me an idea of what the assignments and tests would be like. Apparently my teacher loved to read because all of our homework was either short essays or long essays. The tests were short answer questions along
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English Essay september 7th 2011 - Hall Andrew Hall Ms....

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