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Final Blog - I have gained a lot of confidence and comfort...

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I have gained a lot of confidence and comfort in my writing since the beginning of this course. One thing that I have learned, that has to deal with writing, is how to use rhetoric. I had heard of the three tools of rhetorical analysis before but I had never needed to seriously sit down and use them before. Pathos, logos, and ethos became three of my best friends this semester and we have gone through a lot. They helped me analyze Wonder Woman and display how she isn’t a very good role model for women to look up to and also how fines against players in the NFL and NHL will benefit the players in the long run despite what many players and fans may think. Staying along this topic, I also came to see how much meaning is in our everyday life. When I say meaning I am referring to the obvious and hidden. The thing that made me realize this for the first time was when we watched Smallville in class and all that was put in there, by the creators, that I never would have ever noticed without having going through this class. After that I
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