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Andrew Hall Ms. Sonya Lawson Parrish English 111 7 December, 2011 The Making of The Hits I made this website in order to persuade fans that the new rules against head shots, low shots, and blindsides that are being enforced by the NFL and NHL are good for the league. These rules may take a little bit of excitement out of the game but it is going to benefit the players. The audience I am aiming to target is anyone who watches these sports, but more specifically the fans who think that these rules are wrong and shouldn’t be enforced as heavily. I chose this audience because, unlike the players, the fans really have no reason to agree with these rules. The players get penalties against them in the game and usually fined prior to the game for committing these offenses. The fans just get angry that their team is being called out by the referee. Many fans may be uninformed, aside from the commentary they hear while watching the game, as to how serious this issue really is. Creating this website came as a major challenge to me. We were given a blank slate to work with and that was the hardest part for me. It was very difficult for me to find a starting point. I went online and searched for as many websites dealing with this issue and as many other
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Process+Paper[1] - Andrew Hall Ms Sonya Lawson Parrish...

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