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Andrew Hall Ms. Sonya Lawson Parrish English 111 24 October, 2011 Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography Football and hockey are two major sports in the United States that both involve s great deal of physical contact among players. New policies on “illegal hits” that result in fines and suspensions of players have begun to be implemented over the past couple years in both sports. I am going to argue that despite the opinion of some, these new rules are a good thing for professional sports. I have loved watching sports since I was young and at one point in time I myself was on the other side of this argument. I want to be involved in the business aspect of the sports world after I graduate, whether it is as an agent or in the marketing section of a professional sports organization. So, with that plan in my future I think it would be helpful to have a well-educated opinion on these types of big issues in sports. It is currently under debate because many players and “die-hard-know-it-all” fans think that these rules are unfair because such physical contact is a natural part of each sport and cannot be avoided. My audience is the
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Prospectus+and+Annotated+Bibliography+essay+3 - Andrew Hall...

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